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Introduction to DSLR

Essential for anyone who has purchased a DSLR digital camera or who is keen to know how to start taking better images.


The course is in three sections, covering the key aspects of using a digital camera:

About your DSLR Camera - Using your Digital SLR Camera.

Understanding lenses and their characteristics.

Measuring Light - Covering ISO settings, Controlling movement, using white balance and using on-camera flash and understanding metering techniques to control exposure.

Aesthetics - Understanding composition and effective viewpoint. Manipulating natural light.

Delegates will expand their knowledge in

  1. 1Understand clearly how to use camera equipment

  2. 2Produce photographs to a good standard

  3. 3Understand relationships between Apertures & Shutters

  4. 4Understand how to control and use movement

  5. 5Understand Principles and uses of Depth of Field

  6. 6Understand principles of Exposure

  7. 7Understand principles of Composition & Design

  8. 8Understand how to use light effectively

Our workshop is an ideal starting point for anyone who want advice on how to capture good quality images using their digital cameras.  This course is a combination of classroom based and practical activities

This course is on a one to one basis ensuring maximum learning and cost just £150.  Call us now to book on 07985 703763 or email us at


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